Here at Not the Cat, the co-hosts do report stories, but our primary goal is to feature work from storytellers across Asia: journalists, filmmakers, writers, comedians, etc. 


We care just as much about the high brow and the low, the politics and the pop culture, because you can only understand a place when you get the full picture. And we don’t traffic in simple stereotypes. Heavy, beautiful, hilarious — we want a range.


What we look for

Most importantly, stories that surprise us, have vibrant characters, and take us on a journey.

We especially like stories with characters who grow and change, that challenge or alter our understanding of a place, culture, or thing, that seek to answer a question and take us along on the quest, or that inform us about something we all should know… but don’t. 

Little known but important piece of history? personal story? Great. And we’re open to experimenting with form; if you have an unusual idea, feel free to send it our way. 


Things to include in a pitch email:

What is the story and narrative arc? How do you plan to tell it (include characters and sounds)? Why do you want to tell this story? What most excites or intrigues you about it? What is surprising, moving, new and/or causes you to question assumptions?

Send pitches to: and please include the word PITCH in the subject line.



A few good resources on pitching and story structure:

Alex Blumberg on Finding Stories 

My Kingdom for Some Structure

How to Pitch Longform Audio  (We Think This is Helpful for Far More Than Just Novices)